Replace your alarm clock

Take the Alarm Out of Alarm-Clock and Improve Sleep

By James Razko

Sleep is a necessity like food, water, and air. Despite what you may be tempted to believe– you can’t live without it. In fact, the CDC considers sleep deprivation to be an epidemic.

A sleep epidemic?

That’s right. Without adequate rest your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and ultimately death increase dramatically. And, besides shortening your life span, lack of sleep also deprives you of the ability to concentrate, decreasing performance for the entire day.

If you are looking to live longer and be a better you, make sleep a priority. One way to begin Is by taking the alarm out of alarm-clock.

Why You Should Stop Using Your Alarm Clock

Waking up with an ALARM is a horrible idea and an unfortunate consequence of modern living. Our Paleolithic ancestors didn’t use alarms, and when they were awoken suddenly, it was likely to avoid danger.

Waking up with alarm-clock is precisely what it sounds like- an alarm. Alarm is defined by Google as “an anxious awareness of danger.” This is not how you want to start your day. So, trade you alarm clock for a wake-up clock.

To avoid being jolted out of bed, and initiating your flight or flight response, wake up with a wake-up clock like the sun instead. If you are a night owl, wake up with a man-made wake-up clock that uses light.

Do this swap, and you will ease yourself out of bed, feel less tired, be in a better mood, and be more likely to complete your last sleep cycle fully.

If you absolutely need sound to awake, many light clocks have considered noises (like birds chirping) that gently increase with the light to wake you up. Also, there are probably a few apps that do something similar. These apps, however, don’t have a light and light is what signals to your brain–wake up.

Tips to Improve Sleep Quality

  • Go outside early and get some sun. Sun exposure helps regulate Circadian rhythm. Also, it provides Vitamin D an essential hormone that much of the population is deficient in.
  • Exercise, it makes you tired, stronger and smarter.
  • Have more sex, it’s exercise, makes you happy, and releases hormones that make you sleepy.
  • Consume less caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.
  • Remove all the blue lights in your bedroom. Blue light signals to your Paleolithic self– Day.
  • Use back out curtains if you live in a city. Even small amounts of light interrupt sleep.
  • On all devices make sure night mode is turned on. Also, if your reading on a device before bed, you can change the entire color of your screen to red. On the iPhone, this can be found by navigating to Settings, General, Accessibility, Display Accommodations, Color Filters.
  • Take it one step further and look silly but feel smart by wearing blue light blocking glasses after sunset.


  • The sun sets the rhythm of the planet, and we evolved to wake up along with it.
  • Waking from noise signals our flight or flight response.
  • Exchange your ALARM clock for a wake-up clock. Use either the sun, a wake-up light, or a gentle wake-up noise like birds chirping.

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