reach your full potential.

Reach Your Full Potential and Conquer Fear: Wipe the Mirror to a More Actualized Self

By James Razko

We all dream of becoming our best self, however, only a few dare to reach their full potential. In positive psychology, this is known as self-actualization. It is the peak of one person’s human development. When you are fully actualized, you are entirely human and completely alive.

How to Reveal Your Best Self

First, you must know who you want to be. And, nobody but you knows this answer. For nearly everyone, this answer sits on the surface of their conscious mind, buried under several layers of fear.

The fastest way to dig through the fear and unearth who you want to be is to ask yourself a scary question. Ask, if I only had five years to live, what would I want to do with that time. As the fear of death has a way of crystallizing things, you will know who you desire to be.

Let’s call this crystallized self, you 2.0. Once visualized, you 2.0 sits in your mind’s eye like a foggy mirror. You can see the new you, only not entirely. The fog is your fear of change.

The next step is to defog the mirror and begin moving towards your full potential. As you know, no matter how many times you wipe a foggy mirror, the fog always returns. And so no matter how many times you try to defog this mirror with mental gymnastics, it will become foggy again. The fear will return.

How to Reach Your Full Potential

You need to stop mentally wiping the mirror and change what it is in your life that is causing the fog in the first place.

Let’s use a bathroom mirror as a metaphor. If the mirror becomes foggy, the simplest solution is to open a window. And, like the bathroom window, you need to release your fear to reach your full potential.

To open your window and reveal your best self, you will likely need to do hard things like ending a bad relationship, quitting your job,pursuing your dream of being an artist, or finally writing that book. It’s not always easy to get the window open, but if you push hard enough, it will budge, and the fear will float away, and you will see your best self emerge from the mist.

Find your window and open it to reach towards your full potential.

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