Book Summary: Deep Work, Cal Newport

By James Razko

In this summary of Deep Work by Cal Newport, you will learn to harness a super-ability that links a dizzying array of geniuses across human history. So, what connects Newton, Jay-Z, Galileo, Picasso, and that kid who can stack and unstuck cups incredibly fast? Concentration. Or, more precisely, an ability to sit down and perform cognitively demanding tasks for extended periods, aka deep work. It’s not sexy. Still, without it, no matter how brilliant you are, if you can’t organize those clever thoughts into something tangible and useful, you’ll end up with not much at all. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a genius to tap into deep work; it’s a learned skill. Read this summary of Deep Work by Cal Newport to ditch distraction and reap the rewards of a honed mind.

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Book Summary: The Salt Fix, James DiNicolantonio

By James Razko

In this book summary of The salt Fix, you will learn that for most people, low salt diets are harmful to health, provide little to no benefit in blood pressure reduction, and are likely contributing to the plague of modern chronic diseases. Likewise, you will find that demonizing salt helped give sugar, the actual cause of many modern chronic diseases, a free pass for some time. You will also learn that when it comes to salt intake, your body knows best, and governments, prominent associations, and well-meaning scientists—got it wrong. And sadly, historical examples like believing in Zeus, knowing the world is flat, or suspecting ancient aliens once inhabited the earth, point to the fact that— beliefs die hard— no matter the evidence or logic.

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Book Summary: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker PHD

By James Razko

In this book summary of Why We Sleep you will learn that to maintain health and performance, you need more than 7 hours of sleep per night. And unfortunately, 1/3 of people in industrialized nations sleep less than 5-6 hours per night. Likewise, 65% of adults in the USA do not sleep the recommended 7-9 hours a day.  Lack of sleep correlates with a myriad of health problems, including increased risk for heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and death. Our state of sleep has gotten so bad that the World Health Organization has labeled lack of sleep to be an epidemic affecting much of the globe.

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