Book Summary: This is Marketing by Seth Godin

By James Razko

Without realizing it, many of us are marketing every day of lives, looking to gain likes instead of the dollars that advertising machines like Instagram and Facebook seek.

Getting ahold of what marketing is and approaching it with empathy and service as core values will help you see the world and others more clearly.

Seth Godin’s book, This is Marketing, gives tools, tips and practical advice on how to market like a professional and a kind human.

In this summary you will learn:

  • how to start marketing like a pro,
  • essential marketing strategies,
  • how empathy is the key to success,
  • and tips to find the people you’ll need to be successful.
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Copy Your Way to Becoming a Master

Like everything in the universe, we are congealed stardust, and all of it is resting in the unknowable medium of space. In short, everything is interconnected.

With the previous statement in mind, apply this knowledge wholeheartedly to your work and life. Continually look for, consume and incorporating others’ ideas. And most importantly, let your mind shuffle that information around to create things you can call your own.

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Book Summary: Atomic Habits by James Clear

By James Razko

Habits are the unseen gears moving us through our conscious and nonconscious experience. From birth, we build upon and continuously update an inconceivably vast and interconnected habit library. Each Habit works like a hotkey, executing functions designed to conserve energy, free cognitive space and save time in critical moments. Habits, when considered can be unboundedly beautiful, nuanced and frightening. They are the building blocks of genius, addiction and everything in-between.

Atomic Habits offers brilliantly simple strategies to transform the reader’s life from the inside out with tools to methodically update our habit library. Like atomic energy, Atomic Habits has the potential to unleash great power.

In this Summary of Atomic Habits you will learn:

  • How habits form
  • Typical roadblocks
  • How to change habits
  • Why identity and environment  are important
  • Practical tips to make habit change easy

Book Summary:

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