Man painting in night landscape

Copy Your Way to Becoming a Master

Like everything in the universe, we are congealed stardust, and all of it is resting in the unknowable medium of space. In short, everything is interconnected.

With the previous statement in mind, apply this knowledge wholeheartedly to your work and life. Continually look for, consume and incorporating others’ ideas. And most importantly, let your mind shuffle that information around to create things you can call your own.

While collecting ideas, remember not to allow your ego and false beliefs of originality to muddle your mind. Instead, fill it with the enthusiasm of a child, until it erupts like a supernova.

Whatever work you choose to make, find your guiding stars and imitate; In the Renaissance, all great painters started in a workshop under a master. They learned to copy and eventually, moved on to start their own studio.

You may ask, what will separate you from your teachers and other students?

Do you remember your mother whispering in your ear- your special? She was right– it is your quirks (and quarks) that will make your work yours.

Be a disciple, to become a teacher.

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